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I have worked in many art techniques over the years. The common thread that runs through my artwork is my love of color and pattern. I have painted for personal growth and fulfillment and also professionally as an Illustrator of books.

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Currently I paint in oils using a palette knife and brushes. I like the thick texture and mixing of colors that the palette knife gives. I work quickly to blend the colors and create a colorful painting. I work on sturdy board mostly and many of my paintings grace the walls of our farmhouse and when I have time, on the homes of people who enjoy them.

When illustrating for books and other print, I paint with gouache on watercolor paper. I could do all of it on the computer but I like the haphazard quality of the colors and transparencies as they are applied to my paper. I line most of my illustrations using a very fine brush. When they are finished they have a handmade quality which probably could be done with a computer but would not be as much fun.

All of the works on the Art and Illustration section of the website are not for sale at this time. You can find some of my knitting illustrations available as postcards on my Notecards page here.

Works for sale are available in my Etsy shop here

I welcome Illustration Work for publication. You can see more of my work on the hand-painted icons on my home page.

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