Get Stitched on the Farm


Class Postcard

If you are passionate about knitting, stitching, creating, and color, join Kristin Nicholas at her "Get Stitched on the Farm" retreats. Classes are held at Kristin's inspirational home and studio set beside her family's working sheep farm, Leyden Glen Farm, in western Massachusetts. Come absorb the creativity, techniques, color, and lifestyle of one of today's leading knitwear and textile designers.


Classes take place in the colorful studio attached to the cape style farmhouse built in 1751. The small class size gives students the chance to really learn and take home ideas and techniques that will change the way they knit and stitch forever. Students eat farm-raised food and learn about working and living on a real sheep farm (with over 300 sheep). Guests wander through the garden, drink tea and coffee on the porch, and take an old-fashioned hayride through the hills of the surrounding countryside. Participants will be inspired by Kristin's hand-painted walls, her library full of knitting, stitching and art books, her ethnic and historic textile collection, and the antiques and ceramics that decorate the family's home.


A Knitting and Stitching Retreat at Leyden Glen Farm is an experience you will never forget. Grazing sheep, farm kitties, Border Collies, chickens and roosters will all add to this incredible experience. Learn from a passionate teacher, meet new friends, eat good food. Make a lifelong memory!


Class size is limited to six students so each class can provide an intimate learning experience. Sign up early to reserve your space!