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Domestic Bliss: Knitting Now

House and Garden
January 2003

Way back in 2003 when there were still a plethora of decorating magazines, my day would stop when the new issue of House and Garden arrived in my mailbox. The first page I would turn to was the Editor's Page written by Dominique Browning. What pearls of wisdom she had. You can still read Dominque's Editor's Letters on-line here on her website. Then I would spend an hour paging through all the beautiful homes featured on the pages getting decorating inspiration for our very own home.

One of Dominique's Editor's Letters was about knitting. Perhaps a kindred spirit worked for Conde Nast? I decided to write her a note and send her a little press packet on our home which I had done up for the launch of one of my books. A few months later, I got a phone call (remember them?) from one of the editorial staff. They wanted to feature my knitted pillows that were on my couch on one of the photos I sent.

I quickly washed and neatened two of my handknit pillows, packed up some matching yarn, and needles and sent them to NYC. Never mind I didn't have a product to sell. I was super excited although I didn't know what I was going to do with the press that would turn the coverage into cash. I wasn't going to knit pillows for people - that much I knew. I set about transcribing the patterns into knitting patterns. At that point my yarn was called Julia and was sold by only in a few stores in the USA. I gave the patterns to my friend Linda who had the business which sold the yarn. Linda kitted everything up waiting for the knitters who read HG to buy.

We didn't make much money on the project but I didn't care. It was my first national feature in a decorating magazine. It still makes me smile.

Not that many years after, Conde Nast pulled the plug on House and Garden. I still miss it every month. Luckily Dominique now has a blog called Slow Love Life and has written some books.

You can purchase the two pillow designs on the knitting page of my website. I think they still look great a decade later. The pillows are still on our couches although the backings are worn and need to be replaced. I'll do that one day.

Photograph in House and Garden by Beatriz Da Costa