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Rainbow Rooms

Boston Globe Magazine
January 26, 2003

This is the first article about our home that appeared in any publication. The year was 2003. My daughter Julia was in daycare with a little girl named Isabela. It turned out Isabela's mom Nicole Cusano was a stringer for the Boston Globe Magazine. Nicole and I were friendly and both shared a common love of textiles and crafting.

Nicole proposed an article to her Boston Globe editor about our colorful home. The editor went for the idea and Nicole wrote the article. One summer day, a tall thin man arrived to take the photos. It was John Gruen. John and I spent the day together working on the photos of the house and sharing stories.

This was the first of many days that I worked with John. He came back again for Victoria Magazine. That article never ran because they ceased publication. Then he came again to photograph our home for Country Home. John also photographed two of my books - Kids Embroidery and Color By Kristin. If you need a good photographer, I highly recommend John.

You can read the article by clicking below.

Photographs by John Gruen