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CW - Craftsy Crewel Wool Thread Kit

This collection of wool thread features the 24 colors used in both the Craftsy Pillows which are taught on my on-line class on the Craftsy website. The kit has enough thread to finish both pillows and you will have leftover wool thread for more projects.

The Crewel Wool Thread comes from the United Kingdom. It is a two-ply thread designed especially for crewel embroidery. Individual skeins have approximately 27 yards. A skein of thread will go far! I use the thread both single and double in the needle, depending on the amount of coverage of fabric I am looking for.

The thread comes packaged with a small white wrapper with one tail end hanging out. Pull on the loose end of the thread gently and cut a piece about 25" long to stitch with. Keep the wrapper on the thread so that it will stay organized.

You can find the linen fabric for the pillows here on my website too. The sunflower pillow was worked on the Royal Blue Linen. The Heart pillow was worked on the Celery Linen.

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