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Book - Crafting A Colorful Home
My newest book is Crafting a Colorful Home with photos by Rikki Snyder and published by Roost Books. This book is my most personal to date. I let you in on how I decorate, collect, make, and color our 1751 farmhouse. Written with thrift and style in mind, follow my lead to make your home cozy, welcoming and artistic. The book includes:
  • 21 step-by-step projects to make your home cozy and bright including colorful sewing, embroidery, knitting, crochet, painting, crafting and more
  • 12 DIY techniques to freshen and transform your home with color, paint, and more
  • 1 favorite farmhouse recipe
  • full of colorful inspirational photography

From Library Journal: Using her farmhouse as an example, crafter Nicholas (Colorful Stitchery) shares her approach to the bold use of color in interiors. She begins with an overview of the basics for color, paint, and needlework. Nicholas then describes how she desings for best effect, whether displaying her collections of cloisonne or her own craft creations, which are shown in nearly 200 color photographs of ever room of her home. Projects range from simple flower arranging to more complex tasks, such as painting a mural, that require a variety of skills: crochet, sewing embroidery, and painting, among others. Pattern templates are provided as well as a list of additional titles for inspiration. VERDICT Amateurs and professionals alike will encounter here myriad ideas for the use of color and handcrafted decorative items in the home. Library Journal's February 1, 2015 issue. 

Here are some of the advance reviews........

“Kristin Nicholas’s enchanting home is a richly layered canvas upon which her inspirations—from the rugged New England countryside beyond her windows to the vibrant patchwork of exotic fibers and fabrics that surround her—are played out with delightful yet masterful abandon, creating a modern-day Bloomsbury. Kristin’s sophisticated understanding of color, along with her fun and functional exercises, inspire me to rethink my own palette, or better yet, actually create the one I dream of.”—Alicia Paulson, author of Embroidery Companion and Stitched in Time and the blog Posie Gets Cosy

“In Crafting a Colorful Home Kristin Nicholas shares her belief that each home is ‘a blank canvas’ that each of us can turn into the home of our dreams. Kristin demonstrates that, through color and handmade home decor essentials and accessories, we can quickly transform an ordinary space into something extraordinary, and also welcoming, comforting, and memorable.”—Jo Packham, creator and editor-in-chief of Where Women Create

Crafting a Colorful Home brings together Kristin’s love of family, home, and craft into one vibrant volume of inspiration. Without breaking the bank, and without following the passing trends, Kristin guides us to creating a home that’s truly reflective of the family who lives in it—the passions we share and the color that surrounds us everywhere in the natural world. Full of great tips, tools, and techniques—not to mention peeks of the inspiring colorful corners of her rooms—this book is sure to get you started on bringing the colors of your life into the home you love.”—Amanda Blake Soule, creator of SouleMama and author of Handmade Home

Hardcover. 206 pages. Size: 7.50" x 9.00"

SPECIAL OFFER! Order from and receive:

1. Free Shipping on orders shipped within the USA!

2. Receive a Kristin Nicholas Illustrated Bookplate - choose FLOWERS or HOUSE. You can mount yourself with double stick tape or glue.

3. Receive 5 postcards featuring photography by Kristin.

In the notes section of the order, specify who the book should be signed to, otherwise it will be generically signed. ALSO, specify which Bookplate you would like - FLOWERS or HOUSE.

If you are an overseas customer, you can order through my Etsy shop. The postage applied is $25. extra for any foreign order. I know crazy expensive - not a lot we can do about that. If you are an EU customer, Crafting A Colorful Home will be available at the end of February through here

If you don't "do Paypal", you can still order a copy of the book. Send a check for $27.95 written to Kristin Nicholas and mail it to PO Box 212, Bernardston, MA 01337. I will send you a book! A heads-up email to me at kristinnicholasATgmailDOTcom would be helpful so I can look for the check.


You can watch a video about our Colorful Farmhouse and our family on the website HERE. The video tells the story of how I came to write this book. Check it out here

If you would like to know how it helps our family (or any author) when you buy directly from them, read this blog post called How a Book is Made and How You Can Help My Family. I give all the steps to making and writing a book and outline the financial logistics of such a project.


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