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Book - Kid's Knitting

Kristin Nicholas collaborated with author Melanie Falick on the bestselling Kids Knitting, Projects for Kids of All Ages. In addition to designing two of the incredibly cute and easy projects in this popular title, Kristin created all of the brightly colored illustrations, along with five large pictures depicting fibers, children in knitwear, a yarn shop and more. Featured on the Martha Stewart Living television show and in the popular children's catalogs Hearthsong and Magic Cabin Dolls, Kids Knitting is a great book for beginners, both children and adults.

Author: Melanie Falick
Illustrator: Kristin Nicholas, Photographer: Chris Hartlove
68 original, full-color how-to illustrations by Kristin Nicholas
128 pages; $12.95 softcover - Available through all booksellers.

I am no longer stocking this book. Purchase through your favorite bookseller!

Below you can see a few of the clear illustrations that are included in Kids Knitting

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