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Book - Knit the New Classics

Knitting the New Classics was the first book Kristin authored while working as Creative Director for Classic Elite Yarns. It is a collection of 60 sweater designs for men, women, and children, 25 of which Kristin designed herself. The rest of the designs are by well-known knitwear designers, including Cathy Payson, Linda Pratt, Susan Mills, Sally Lee, Norah Gaughan, Stephanie Gildersleeve, Julie Hoff, Deborah Newton, Michele Rose, and Kathy Zimmerman. Kristin was lucky enough to work with a talented group of in-house and freelance designers to develop her handknitting collections during her 16 years with Classic Elite Yarns.

This is a well-rounded collection of timeless sweater designs that will hold their own as the years go by. Shown below are a few of Kristin's timeless designs that are featured in this book. 

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Author: Kristin Nicholas
160 pages
ISBN 13: 978-0806931708

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