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Book - Knit Today's Classics

Knitting Today's Classics was the second book Kristin compiled while Creative Director at Classic Elite Yarns. Knitting Today's Classics is no less varied than that of the first book - Knitting the New Classics. Once again, there are many designs in this volume which will stand the test of time and be worth the time it takes to knit a project.

The photos shown below are some of Kristin's own designs included in Knitting Today's Classics.

Knitting Today's Classics is not available for sale on this website. Click here to order via Amazon.

Please note: The publisher has re-released this book under the new title Knitting Beautiful Classics. The newly-released version has the exact same contents as Knitting Today's Classics. The cover of Knitting Beautiful Classics is shown below.

Author: Kristin Nicholas
144 pages
ISBN: 1-579902-69-3

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