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5x7 $15.00

8x10 $25.00

Photo-White Lamb in Pink Sweater

This photo has become an iconic image with knitters and crocheters. One winter I decided to finally do something I had been thinking about for years - knit some of our lambs sweaters. I loved the humour of the idea - dressing up a lamb in a wool sweater even though it already was wearing a wool coat!

It took me a few days of knitting and fitting. I would knit a little each night then take the sweater to the barn to fit it on a new lamb. Finally the sweater was done and I was ready to capture the image I had swimming in my head.

This little lamb was only a day old. Older lambs would not stay still. It was a snowy afternoon and you can see the adult ewes in the background. She stood totally still and I snapped away. The snow made a beautiful backdrop.

Knitters have been asking me to print this photograph to sell for several years and I have finally gotten it together to build this website!

It would be great in a baby's nursery or in a craft or sewing room.

The photo is available in 2 sizes which fit a standard size frame.

5 x 7"

8 x 10"

It will be signed on the back by me and shipped to you in a sturdy cardboard mailing envelope.

The photos are professionally printed on lustre paper by a professional photo lab.

Your photo will not have my © or name on the front of your photo.

Please allow 1 to 2 weeks for delivery.


The sweater in this photo is also available as a handknitting pattern for dogs. It is sized in 8 sizes. See it here.

It is also available as a notecard here.

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