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Photo-Eeyore the Donkey

A few years ago, we were having trouble with the coyotes feasting on our sheep. Predation is a constant problem that any sheep farmer deals with. It is just part of the package. We hear the coyotes howling at night and worry. We do what we can but no solution is foolproof.

One summer we were feeding the coyotes quite a few sheep. It was distressing. The sheep were fenced in electric netting but the coyotes were very aggressive. One of our neighbors, an elderly retired farmer named Willie went to the local livestock auction one day. He bought us a donkey. We didn't ask him to - he just did. He trucked the animal to his farm and then told us he had a donkey to sell us to help with the coyote situation.

Only problem was we didn't want the donkey. We didn't know anything about keeping donkeys. A few weeks went by and we lost more grown adult sheep to coyotes. Mark told Willie we would take the donkey on a trial basis. Willie and Mark trucked Willie to the sheep and put him in the electric fencing with the adult sheep.

After a couple weeks of no losses, we decided to keep the donkey. We paid Willie the $100 and he was ours. Julia named him Eeyore, of course. Eeyore has been with us for several years now. He has helped with the coyotes but we still lose sheep and lambs. No solution is fool proof where coyotes are concerned.

What I didn't realize about Eeyore was how photographic he would be.

Eeyore would be great in a baby's nursery or in any animal lover's home.

The photo is available in 2 sizes which fit a standard size frame.

5 x 7"

8 x 10"

It will be signed on the back by me and shipped to you in a sturdy cardboard mailing envelope.

The photos are professionally printed on lustre paper by a professional photo lab.

Your photo will not have my © or name on the front of your photo.

Please allow 1 to 2 weeks for delivery.

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