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Color By Kristin was distributed by the Classic Elite Yarns. Classic Elite Yarns ceased business in the summer of 2018.

I will leave the information on-line on this website for any knitters who might like to research the colors, fiber content, yardage, gauge and more. 

I developed Color By Kristin with one of the world's finest spinning mills in Peru. It is a blend of 50% Wool, 25% Mohair, and 25% Alpaca fibers. The wool is for resilience, durability and warmth. The mohair adds a brilliance and sheen to the incredible colors. The alpaca adds softness and drape.

It is available in 26 gorgeous colors that work well together. Admittedly Color by Kristin does not look very special in the ball - it is a worsted weight yarn spun of three plies. BUT when you put it on your needles or your crochet hook, you will be over the moon with delight. It glides through your fingers and produces the most luxurious fabric.

Use Color By Kristin for Fair Isle colorwork, for cables, for garter stitch and stockinette stitch. It also felts gorgeously. I hope it will become your favorite yarn and blend as it has become mine. Check out my PDF Knitting Pattern page for all kinds of knit and crochet projects.

Color By Kristin is the same exact yarn as my former yarn Julia which was distributed by Westminster Fibers/Nashua Handknits. It is spun by the same spinning mill and dyed by the same dyers. It was discontinued by Westminster Fibers when the Nashua Handknits Division was closed.

You can use my Color By Kristin for all the Julia Patterns. Both of my books - Color By Kristin and Kristin Knits - feature Julia. Substitute Color by Kristin. You will get the same results.

Below is a comparison of the Color by Kristin Colors and the Julia Colors. You can download it below.

Color by Kristin # Name Julia #/Name
3212 Deep Forest 6086 Velvet Moss
3213 Black 0050 Forged Iron
3215 Spring Green 5185 Spring Green
3216 Natural 0010 Natural
3218 Sage 0115 Sage
3220 Blue Thyme* 4936 Blue Thyme
3226 Aubergine 3158 Purple Basil
3232 Raspberry 1890 Peony
3235 Lady's Mantle* 3916 Lady's Mantle
3236 Mushroom 4330 Mushroom
3243 Yarrow 2163 Golden Honey
3244 Caramel 0950 Caramel
3246 Turquoise Sea Close to 1400 Sea Green
3248 Deep Blue Sea 6396 Deep Blue Sea
3248 Lamb's Ears 4013 Aqua Fog
3250 Sunflower* 0154 Sunflower
3255 Rock Henna* 4936 Rock Henna
3257 Cornflower 5178 Lupine
3258 Geranium 6085 Geranium
3260 Coleus* Coleus 4345
3276 French Roast 0118 Espresso
3278 October Leaves Sort of close to but quite a bit lighter than 0178 Harvest Spice
3281 Lichen NONE -- It is a lovely yellow-green
3285 Pumpkin NONE -- It is brighter than the oranges that were in the Julia Line
3289 Julia's Pink NONE -- It is softer than the bright pinks in the Julia Line
3295 Anemone* Anemone 9235

You can download this Color By Kristin/Julia Color Comparison List Here.

Regia/SMC Select 4 Ply Sock Yarn

I partnered with the Regia/SMC Select company. In the fall of 2011, they began distributing Kristin Nicholas Garden Effects - a traditional 75% Wool/25% Polyamide 4 ply Sock Yarn throughout the world.

This yarn is no longer available.